Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have bitched and bitched about Obama's impotence and inaction. And for the record, I intend to keep doing so.
Anybody with a super majority who can't even keep the most basic of his promises is inept.
Any President who fucks around with Congress with something like Don't Ask, Don't Tell when he has the power to issue an executive order is disingenuous.

Our war in Afghanistan has escalated on his watch and bled over the border into Pakistan.

His health care reform is a joke. It's a bigger 'fuck you' to poor people than the shit system we have now.

His administration has put me squarely in the 'throwing-my-vote-away-on-third-party-candidate' category.

As a socialist, you have no idea how grating it is to hear conservatives call him a Socialist. Obama is squarely establishment.

Then, I saw this...
...and remembered that as unhappy as I am with our current President, we just came out of eight years of the worst, actually the single worst American President that history has seen so far.

It's true, Obama is as bad as Clinton.

But at least we're not where we were.

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