Monday, June 8, 2009

Killer or Saint

I'm going to talk in very short sentences here and not use any bad words at all because I want this to be clear as a bell.

Also, I make it a practice not to swear when I'm actually feeling anger. To me, profanity should be a fun thing.

So here are my angry, swear-free ravings.

Comparing Dr. Tiller to Goebbels or Mengele is more than offensive, it's uneducated.

Before I move on to Dr. Tiller's career and legacy, I want to take a moment to ask why comparing American financial corporations to Eichmann was bad enough to call for Ward Churchill's head on a plate and at the same time refuse to denounce statements comparing doctors to the likes of Goebbels and Mengele is at best hypocritical and at worst, delusional.

Seeing as how I'm not a big fan of letting women die, let me ask why you should lay claim to the label of 'pro-life' and not me.

These abortions were not elective. Under Kansas state law, third trimester abortions are only allowed when the life or health of the mother is in jeopardy.

Dr. Tiller was a man who cared for women for whom the word 'choice' was meaningless. The only choice these women had was whether to act to protect their own health and sometimes their very lives or go through with a dangerous, often deadly pregnancy.

Your position is not pro-life just as Dr. Tiller was not a murderer.

Candlelight vigils were held across the nation to remember the life of a man who saved the lives of God only knows how many women.

You really want to talk about the sanctity of life? Wrap your brains around this.

Not only are there women who would be dead were it not for Dr. Tiller, but there are women who will die because he's gone.

So explain to me very slowly how one who supports the rights of women to be cared for by their doctor values the sanctity of life less than you do.

Pro-choice is pro-life.

Dr. Tiller, thank you for the lives you have saved and sleep well.

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