Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Antonin Scalia Are You Kidding Me Or Do You Actually Need To Be Fitted With A Tin Foil Hat?

On August 17th, 2009 the Supreme Court ordered a court in Georgia to hear evidence of innocence in the case of Troy Davis, a man on death row for the 1989 slaying of an off-duty police officer.

Quite frankly, the notion that the fight to present evidence of innocence had to be taken all the way to the Supreme Court is alarming.

But what I find outrageous is the logic that Justice Scalia used in his dissent. Here it is, in part:

This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is "actually" innocent...

Today, without explanation and without any meaningful guidance, this Court sends the District Court for the Southern District of Georgia on a fool's errand.

Are you fucking joking?

This is not just a lack of compassion we're seeing from Scalia, it's an indifference to justice.

I mean, who did Scalia study law under?

What's offensive, more than anything else is Scalia's use of quote marks around the word actually. Scalia believes that evidence that shows "actual" innocence irrelevant and I find that more than shocking. It's terrifying.

To Scalia, legal innocence is more important than "actual" innocence.

In response to Scalia's screed Stevens wrote:

Without briefing or argument, he concludes that Congress chose to foreclose relief and that the Constitution permits this. But imagine a petitioner in Davis's situation who possesses new evidence conclusively and definitively proving, beyond any scintilla of doubt, that he is an innocent man. The dissent's reasoning would allow such a petitioner to be put to death nonetheless. The Court correctly refuses to endorse such reasoning.

That much should be obvious and it saddens me that it has to be said at all.

By the way, Justice Scalia how big did you say the fisty-dildo your mom used to use on you was?
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