Friday, August 14, 2009

What Part Of Supermajority Are You Not Getting?

This picture doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just thought it was cool. Okay, here we go.

Dear Democrats.

Stop it.

Stop that right now.

I keep seeing you on TV talking about the 'debate' over health care reform and getting bi-partisan support for a bill that everybody will be happy with.

Stop that.

What part of we the people handing you a supermajority in Congress plus the Presidency are you not understanding?

We don't want you to reach across the aisle.

We didn't send you guys to Washington to work with the Republicans and work with the private insurance companies.

We put you there to stop them.

For the love of Begbie, if we can't reform health care under these circumstances, don't you understand that it will never happen?

If we can't do it with the votes we need already in our pocket, then how the hell are we supposed to be able to do it when it will actually be a fight?

Let me say it again.


Let's take it out for a test spin.

Put a resolution up for a vote in the Senate that Orrin Hatch's mother sucks cocks in hell.

Make a holiday of it. Make today, August the 14th, 'Orrin-Hatch's-mother-sucks-cocks-in-hell' day.

Then, watch as the resolution passes while the Republicans sit on their own dicks because they can't do a goddamn thing to stop it.

Because you have a Supermajority.

Then, look down and realize that yes, you still have balls.

So please, stop dicking around with these guys. Tell them to sit down because they lost and the changes that the people of America voted for will be implemented whether they like it or not. That whole democracy thing.

It's time to remember what life was like for you guys in Congress for the first six years of the previous administration and start doling out a little payback.

Because it's what Lee Marvin would do.

Remember how much consulting they did with you? Remember all the compromises they were willing to make on things like bankruptcy reform and a women's health amendment to the partial birth abortion ban?

So now, it's their turn to shut up.

So pretty please, with sugar on top. Pass fucking health care.

And, if you care, I'm listening to

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