Thursday, January 8, 2009

My last pre-election rant - 11-03-08

The following is a list of things I refuse to accept.

1) Patriotism being defined as refusing to hold to account our leaders no matter what they do. I’ve been hearing ever since 9/11 that opposing Bush is the same as opposing America. Please. If I had told you ten years ago that to criticize Clinton was tantamount to treason, you would’ve punched me in the sack and you’d have been right to do it. Refusing to accept the actions of leaders we deem as reckless in no way detracts from the love we have for our country.

2) Support for our troops being defined as assent with the actions we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan. I would say that demanding that we not get our people killed unless we have no other choice is the best kind of support I can offer. There is a lot of talk about honoring our men and women in uniform. I choose to honor them by being furious that more than four thousand of them are dead when they shouldn’t be.

3) Pro-Life being defined solely as the belief that abortion should not be legal. I have so many problems with this, I don’t know where to start. It might be easier to swallow if those talking about the sanctity of life have such a flippant attitude to our actions around the world that costs people their lives, particularly in the Middle East and in South and Central America. If these people fought for the rights of the born as well as the unborn, I would be more willing to listen. I do not accept the implication that the belief that abortion should not be allowed is somehow ‘anti-life.’ When doctors can no longer perform abortions, women bleed to death. Pro-Choice is Pro-Life.

4) Words like liberal, socialist, Marxist among others are something to run from. Everyone who accuses Obama or anyone for that matter of being a Marxist really should read something that Marx has written. That way, you won’t look quite as douchey.

So there, I’m back down off my soapbox and I’m going to play some incarnation of Resident Evil. Everyone have fun tomorrow.

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