Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Three more things to add to my list of the worst things about the last eight years.

3) The focus of the nation’s consciousness shifting from policy to scandal and conduct.

Actually, this was also a problem during the Clinton administration. Everyone seemed to more concerned with defending their guy or attacking the enemy that nobody seemed to be talking about the merits of the issues.

Debate was and still is more or less stagnant in this country.

We need to be out there trying to change peoples’ minds, not wasting our energy trying to defend some sleazebag because he happens to be on our side.

2) Texans and Evangelicals being taken in by one of the best pretenders in history.

One thing I’ve learned about both Evangelicals and Texans is that you have to pass incredible scrutiny before they are willing to truly consider you one of their own. (You actually have to be born there to be considered a proper Texan.)

It’s not really hard to imagine how he’s been affirmed as a bona fide Christian. He says the right things about the big issues like homosexuality and abortion.

It’s not hard to fake that.

His glowing reception from the state of Texas is a little more baffling.

It’s surreal to see a spoiled, New England, Ivy League spoiled brat put on a cowboy hat and a pair of boots, throw a phony accent into the mix and find himself embraced by those who seem to think that elitism is the worst crime anybody, particularly a public official could be guilty of.

1) My liberal friends actually falling for the stupid act.

One of the things that Sun Tzu says in The Art of War is that it’s imperative to have your enemy underestemate you.

Yale educated men don’t mispeak the way that Bush does. It’s an act.

People like Karl Rove and Karen Hughes understand too well that the more people are laughing about how stupid you are, the less they’re thinking about what you really are.

I mean, he can’t be evil. He’s too fucking stupid. Just a harmless dope.

Fucking don’t believe the hype.

He is an unbelievably shrews and intelligent man. But, if we think he’s dumb, then suddenly he isn’t quite as dangerous.

It was the strategy that worked with Dan Quayle and it worked with W.

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  1. Like I've heard Jon Stewart say, "George Bush isn't dumb, he talks to us like we are."