Saturday, September 5, 2009

Indocrination Schmindoctrination

Dear Mr. President, or, as I've come to think of you as, my own personal Jesus,

I think I know how you ought to respond to those who have vocalized their objection to your upcoming address to the schoolchildren of America.
You could argue that no, this isn't about indoctrination and that your speech is going to focus on a non-partisan message regarding the importance of education and staying in school.

You could argue that every sitting President has addressed school children and that any expectation for you to be any different is most likely manufactured, inflated and in some cases just downright racist.

These arguments, however are self-evident to any thinking individual and will not get you anywhere with people whose only goal is to see you fail.

You answer to these concerns, Mr. President, should be as follows:

“I appreciate your concern and can promise you one thing. If America finds itself under attack in the middle of my address to the children of the country, I will cut my message short and see to that pressing matter immediately instead of sitting on my ass for seven and a half silly-ass minutes. Thank you.”

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