Friday, September 4, 2009

This Is Not An Isolated Criminal Act And I Will Not Let This Go

Since the assassination of Dr. Tiller, pregnant women whose complications are threatening their lives and forcing them to make heartbreaking choices have even fewer options.  

This purple wristband says "Trust Women," which was Dr. Tiller's Mantra, along with the date 5/31/09, the day that Dr. Tiller was assassinated.  

But remembering a very brave man who put his life on the line to help women who had nowhere else to go is a relatively small part of why I wear this wristband.

The greater tragedy is the countless women who will die because Dr. Tiller has been taken from us.  

The blood of these women is precious and we have to do everything we can to see that Dr. Tiller is replaced so that these lives are not forfeit.

Because of the kind of domestic terrorism we saw on that terrible Sunday morning, we are in danger of losing doctors who are willing to help these women and this can only end one way and that is with the unnecessary deaths of women.

Show your respect for the sanctity of life and demand that women get the care they deserve.  Their lives are at stake.  

We can not let this go and we can not ever forget.

Get a wristband.

Get involved.

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