Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Couple of quick points.

First, stop asking who's going to pay for health care. I get sodomized bi-weekly by Aetna to the tune of $160. That's more than Social Security, state, federal and city taxes combined. I'm already paying. Something tells me that if there were a public option, my family could be covered for less than $320 per month out of my pocket, not to mention co-pays and deductible.

Also, and this is very important, so pay attention, any mandate on citizens to carry health insurance MUST be accompanied by a public option. Otherwise, so-called reform is a win for insurance companies and a huge 'fuck you' to poor people.

Christ, we're compromising so much that not only is reform going to be meaningless, but under Baucus' new plan it's going to make things even worse for the uninsured.

Last point. Health Care isn't a privilege and shouldn't be treated as such. It is a basic human right. If the wealthiest country on earth refuses to provide every one living in the country with health care, this is the height of greed and gluttony.

That's two out of the seven deadly sins for those of who who are still holding onto the insane notion that conservative ideology is in line with Biblical teaching.

Because when you look past all the arguments and finances and logistics, we are faced with the simple fact that denying care for people who can't afford it is just sinful.

As a Socialist, I frequently vote for Democratic candidates, but in all seriousness, if the Democrats can't get Health Care passed, I'm out.

Tell me I'm throwing away my vote, but how can I support a party that is either so impotent or incompetent that they can't push through free health care for everybody even with the overwhelming majority they have?

So, we wait and see what happens.

Nobody is even talking about what ought to be done and that is expand Medicare and Medicaid to cover every American, period. Remember when Socialized Medicine was actually part of the Democratic platform?

Taking a single payer system off the table was bad enough, even though the Americans on Medicare & Medicaid are happier with their coverage than anyone else. If a Health Care bill passes through without a public option, I'm officially out.

Workers Unite!

And if any of you care, I'm listening to:

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