Thursday, January 28, 2010

Digging His Own Grave

Right now, I'm listening to a live stream of Scott Roeder's murder trial.

If you didn't know, Roeder is the domestic terrorist who shot Dr. George Tiller in his church last May.
First, the judge ruled that Phill Kline could not testify for the defense. He said that he would allow Roeder to argue his beliefs as motive but that he would not let a public figure lend credibility to those beliefs.

Good goddamn ruling, judge.

Then came the opening statement from the defense.

I could not believe that I was listening to Roeder's attorney and not the prosecutor. He talked about how Roeder stalked Tiller.
He described how Roeder had to kill Tiller at his church because he had no other option since Tiller's clinic and home had security.

Now, Roeder is on the stand himself, digging his own fucking grave.

Rot and choke on a dick. I'm going back to listen to more.

Holy shit he just said that he asked Jesus into his heart watching the 700 Club. This, of course comes as no surprise.

Dr. Tiller, once again, thank you for the lives you saved and sleep well.

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