Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Goddamn Mongols! More Civil Than The Lone Star State

Mongolian's President Tsakhia Elbegdorj has suspended his country's death penalty, which makes him officially more progressive than Rick Perry.

President Elbegdorjsaid that continuing to execute people degrades a country's dignity.

In his first year as President, Elbegdorj has already commuted the sentences of three men sentenced to die.

This is not a complete victory, however. Elbegdorjsaid has suspended the death penalty. He has yet to abolish it altogether.

Roseann Rife, a spokesperson for Amnesty International said that, "It's a very important first step towards abolishment.
he mentioned in his speech that while this is an important step for him, the country also has to then move forward to implementing its laws to make sure it becomes fully abolished in law as well."

To give you an idea, world-wide what countries still use the death penalty, the breakdown looks something like this.

Last year, Mongolia executed one person.

China executed more than 1,700.The United States executed 111 people.

North Korea executed 15.

Fuck, it looks like North Korea is more humane than Texas, too.

By the way, the state of Kansas is talking about suspending the death penalty because it costs too much. We are talking about the state murdering people and the only way people are willing to consider putting an end to it is to help the economy.

I know I sound cynical and smart-ass much of the time, but in all seriousness, that simply breaks my heart.

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