Sunday, January 17, 2010

Politically Motivated Swift Action & My Favorite Muppet Made Out Of Meat

Rush Limbaugh has said that President Obama's quick response to the tragedy in Haiti is politically motivated.To be fair, Limbaugh's ideal President is one who lets people drown and starve and fester and die of thirst for days and days before sending any help at all, so he's not really used to efficiency.

Rush, you are clearly the product of the sloppy seconds of a man with down syndrome sneaking into the window and having a good 'yee-haw' with your sleeping mom while your dad went out for a post-coital Slurpee.

Did they have 7-11s back then?

Anyway, Rush, I know you'll want to point out how the left pretends to be all sensitive and tolerant and here I am making light of the mentally challenged.

I also know that pretending to be indignant is your favorite thing in the world. So consider that my gift to you.

Your mother sucks cocks in hell,

Joshua Lucht

P.S. If I haven't already banned you from the BatCave, consider yourself out of the club. We don't want you playing our afterlife reindeer games.

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